The Newest RHMA Missionaries . . .


Bill & Gloria Bagley are a veteran ministry couple, having been involved in pastoring and church planting, and training Bible School students in doing the same. Not only that, Gloria has been a favorite speaker to the wives at our small-town pastors’ conferences over the years! And not only that, their son Bill Jr and Laura served as RHMA missionaries for several years before going into teaching at Frontier School of the Bible! The Bagleys have recently moved to Garden City, Utah, to plant a church.


Kenny & Christa Baumann live in Hawk Springs, Wyoming, where Kenny pastors Community Bible Church. This is their first ministry, having recently graduated from Frontier School of the Bible in nearby LaGrange.

Brett & Minji Gray

Brett & Minji Gray are grads of the Spokane, Washington, campus of Moody Bible Institute. Both were PK’s. Brett hails from Ohio; Minji’s parents are South Korean missionaries to Bangladesh. Following an internship in Ephraim, Utah, the Grays now live in Wenden, Arizona, where Brett serves as pastor of our RHMA church there in the desert. Since moving to Wenden, the Lord has blessed them with a baby boy!

Peter & Maggie Sample

Peter & Maggie Sample are grads of Dallas Theological Seminary. Peter’s undergrad was at Pensacola Christian College; Maggie has an undergrad degree in accounting. During and since seminary, Peter served on college campuses with International Students. They have now moved to Neligh, Nebraska, where Peter serves as pastor of Calvary Bible Church.

Gareth & Kristin Evans

Gareth & Kristin Evans had the privilege of growing up as MK’s. Gareth spent much of his childhood in South Africa; Kristin’s parents were church planters in Ephraim, Utah. He has an engineering degree from LeTourneau University; she’s a grad of Moody Bible Institute. The Evanses have moved to the border of Arizona/Utah, where they are assisting the ministry of our RHMA missionaries there.

Dave & Connie Moody

Dave & Connie Moody are new to RHMA and new to “vocational” ministry. Dave had to take a medical retirement from the Lincoln, Nebraska, police force after serving over a decade. In the ensuing years he has completed his degree in biblical studies from Grace University, Omaha. (He also has an associate degree in livestock – with additional studies in animal science – from a former life!) Dave is the new pastor of Cedar Creek Bible Church in rural Burwell, Nebraska.

Jay & Deb Lindstrom

Jay & Deb Lindstrom and their family have moved to Colorado to pastor Christ Community Church in Roggen. While new to RHMA, they are not new to ministry – in fact, since graduating from Moody Bible Institute and Denver Seminary (Deb is a graduate of Wheaton and Denver), Jay for the last 20 years has been in the pastorate (either as senior or associate) in Nebraska, Colorado, and Iowa. The move to Roggen is a return to Roggen. The Lindstroms are looking to “restart” a church they pastored 15 years ago.

Tyler & Amy Greathouse

Tyler & Amy Greathouse first became acquainted with RHMA while he was a student at Moody Bible Institute. Interest in rural ministry continued through seminary training, even as they pastored part-time in an urban church in Chicago! Following graduation from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, the Greathouses became full-fledged RHMA missionaries and have moved their family to South Dakota, where Tyler has become pastor of Carter Gospel Fellowship.

Marc & Heidi Syler

Marc & Heidi Syler have moved to Jackman, Maine, where Marc has become pastor of Big Wood Community Church. A graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University and Nova Southeastern University, Marc spent 15 years in vocational counseling, and more recently in local church youth ministry. This is their first pastorate with RHMA — and first pastorate!

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