Core Vision

Core Vision

Core Vision
“Let this be written for a future generation…” Psalm 102:18
Planting and Strengthening Churches in Small-Town America

Our vision tells what we do. Vision naturally springs from values. What follows is our two-part core vision that all who are a part of RHMA are together endeavoring to fulfill.

Because of our values, our vision is as follows:

RHMA plants small-town churches . . .

. . . through responding to the church planting initiatives of others. We respond, as able and as we deem wise, to those who initiate a contact to us asking for help with their new church.

. . . through RHMA’s initiatives. Recognizing there are places that are void of vibrant, gospel-preaching, Bible-teaching churches, and further recognizing that no one from some of these communities is likely to initiate a church plant there, RHMA will — just as foreign missions do — identify towns in need of a church plant and seek to establish churches there.

RHMA strengthens small-town churches . . .

. . . through missionary pastors who are sent to churches in need of outside assistance. The goal of these pastors is to lead their churches to self-sustaining status.

. . . through an extensive conference and seminar ministry. All of these equipping ministries are tailored to those who are serving in town and country settings.

. . . through training those who are or will soon be serving in town and country areas. Many students are attending schools that offer academic credit for these classes.

. . . through our media and website resources. Many of our resources focus on the town and country context.

. . . through being available to counsel and consult with pastors and church leaders who seek our assistance. As time allows and if we sense we can be of help, we are available on an informal basis to assist pastors and churches in need.

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Upcoming Conferences

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TACT Program

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