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15 Ordinary Things About Country Life

. . . that city folk will never understand!



Disabled, or Just Desperate?

Rural Americans turn to disability as jobs dry up.



Federal Subsistence Board Seeks Change to Rural Determination Process

Defining “rural” is not an exact science. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Rural encompasses all population, housing, and territory not included within an urban area. But if a community of 2,500 is located in a densely populated area, the Census Bureau considers it to be within an Urban Cluster and not rural. To add to some of the confusion, the following article puts a new twist on determining the meaning of “rural” in Alaska!



How a Quiet Kansas Farmhouse Wound Up with 600 Million IP Addresses!

This little house in the center of the country became the crossroads of the Internet!



Iowa Farmers Ripped Out Prairie; Now Some Hope It Can Save Them

Wild grasses are making a comeback in rural Iowa!



No Cell Phones, Wi-fi Allowed

Looking for a place to get away from it all? The small town of Green Bank, West Virginia, may be just what the doctor ordered!



No Longer ‘Mayberry’: A Small Ohio City Fights an Epidemic of Self-destruction

On the streets of Chillicothe, Ohio (pop. 21,738): “Shooting heroin is like drinking beer.”



Returning to Rural Communities . . . or Not

Return migration can make a big difference in repopulating small towns. A research study has identified some of the factors that motivate former residents of rural communities to return (or not return) after living elsewhere. You can link to the just the summary or read the full report.



Rural America Is the New “Inner City”

A thought-provoking article from the Wall Street Journal. Go to this RealClearPolitics link and then click on Read full article.

And here is a summary of the article from Illinois University’s Farm Policy News




The Aggressive Nazi-bred Cows that Caused Havoc on a Modern British Farm

The story of how the Nazis got into the cow-breeding business actually began in 1600s Poland. Fortunately the 2,000 or so in existence are pretty much all in Europe.



The Next Big Thing in American Regional Cooking

Yes, there is such a thing as Appalachian Cuisine!



Tribute to a Fallen Farmer

Read a heart-warming story about how an Illinois small-town farming community paid tribute to a young farmer, Kyle Hendrix, who passed away at age 31.



Urban-Rural Split in Minnesota Grows Deeper, Wider

Rural Minnesota communities are concerned that their needs are being overlooked by state lawmakers who appear to prefer spending tax dollars in Minnesota’s cities. ​Demographic trends and declining rural populations contribute to the growing concerns.



When a National Tragedy Affects a Small Town . . .

And it appears the headline writer misrepresents the story!



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