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10,000 pills a day to a small-town pharmacy

Kermit (pop. 400) is indicative of the opioid crisis across rural America.


Closing a hospital, and fearing for the future

Closing of rural hospitals is becoming a routine fact of life for many small communities.


West Virginia shows challenges of getting people healthier

West Virginia is basically a rural state. (It’s largest city, Charleston, is less than 50,000 in population.) What’s happening in West Virginia is what’s happening in much of rural America.


Drones to deliver medicine to rural Virginia field hospital

The current growing popularity of drones may be the answer to getting medicine and other supplies to health clinics in rural and remote areas.


Farmers have a horrifyingly high suicide rate

You might assume that rural living is a peaceful and low-stress lifestyle. The stress for farmers can be severe, so severe that their suicide rates are alarming. Small-town and country pastors and churches will do well to recognize the symptoms of this agri-stress among farmers and their families.


Rural health, communities seek ways to improve care

While many rural hospitals have gone out of business and continue to do so, the Hopedale Medical Complex (HMC) is thriving and expanding. You’ll enjoy reading about this unique and successful hospital in the small town of Hopedale, Illinois. HMC is on the list of small-town “field trip” stops that RHMA’s TACT students experience each year.


Rural hospitals, beset by financial problems, struggle to survive

The stories of rural hospitals closing their doors continue to mount. When a rural hospital goes out of business, it is difficult particularly for the elderly who have depended on a nearby hospital to treat their medical needs. So goes the story of the now defunct hospital in Mount Vernon, Texas.


Small towns face rising suicide rates

The realities of small-town life are influencing suicide rates in rural America. According to a study published in the May [2015] issue of the journal JAMA Pediatrics, the suicide rate for rural adolescents is twice that of their urban counterparts. Suicide rates across the age spectrum increases 20 percent in rural counties between 2004-2013. These disturbing trends continue to increase.


Rural youth suicide incidents close to double urban rate

The results from a study about teen suicide, conducted by Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, may surprise you. The study found that the suicide rate for rural youth is almost two times higher than for urban youth. This article is a reminder that youth-based ministry in town and country settings is needed.


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