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RHMA plants and strengthens churches in small towns. Through the years the blessing of God has clearly been evident, as new churches have been established and existing churches given new impetus. In the process, countless have been won to Christ and nurtured in their faith.

RHMA ministers to thousands of town and country churches and pastors through . . .

  • Our staff of church planters and missionary pastors
  • Small-town pastors’ conferences
  • Seminars
  • TACT (Town and Country Training) classes for seminary students
  • Printed, media, and website resources

Do you share RHMA’s passion to meet the spiritual needs of rural America? Then this website may provide just the help and encouragement you are seeking!

A Word from our Executive Director

Thank you for your interest in RHMA! Whether you are new to rural America or a veteran, please take a look around. . . . Click Here




At the height of his busy writing and preaching ministry, Warren Wiersbe was often referred to as The Pastor’s Pastor. RHMA is privileged to call him our friend and to have had him speak at several of our conferences over the years. Click here to listen to his 1998 messages on Rediscovering the Church. It’s as timely now as it was then!





The Interstate Highway System is wonderful, but it enables us to drive from one end of the country to the other without seeing much or meeting hardly anyone. There is a whole world out there, including vast spiritual wastelands – what Glenn Daman refers to as the forgotten – that many Christians are oblivious to. Daman introduces us to this world in an eloquent, compelling, and informative manner. His book is a call for all to read, not just people in rural places. As a boy who grew up in the city but has devoted his life to rural people, my fervent hope is that this call is heeded. How wonderful that The Forgotten Church is printed by Moody Publishers, located in the heart of Chicago. This captures the “let’s band together” spirit that permeates the book.

Ron Klassen, Executive Director, RHMA





Gordon-Conwell Seminary prof and small-town pastor (and small-town PK!) Stephen Witmer shares the secret small churches know best.

Stephen will be a plenary speaker at our 2019 Small-Town Pastors’ Conference.










If you’re a pastor’s wife in rural ministry, we encourage you to check this out! 

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Interested in a little information on the who/what/where/why/when of RHMA?

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Upcoming Conferences

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TACT Program

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