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America’s farming crisis, laid bare by Midwest floods


Jake Meador is a Christian author who lives in the “big city” of Lincoln, Neb. (pop. 284,736). But he is also a proud son of rural Nebraska. Here are his thoughts on the historic flooding of 2019.



Rural America is the new “inner city”

A thought-provoking article from the Wall Street Journal is summarized here in the University of Illinois’ Farm Policy News.


Job shortage vs people shortage


A community planner suggests ways to attract younger workers to small-town America.




The importance of a rural grocery store

Michigan State University Extension had a recent article titled: “The importance of a rural grocery store for community and economic development.” The example they gave just happens to be in one of our RHMA towns – Cody, Nebraska (pop. 154)!

You can read more about the Circle C Market on their website or Facebook page.

And here’s a YouTube story, in case you prefer watching & listening to reading!



10,000 pills a day to a small-town pharmacy

Kermit (pop. 400) is indicative of the opioid crisis across rural America.


America’s forgotten towns: Can they be saved or should people just leave?


Economists and politicians debate the issues – issues that affect not only the life and health of rural communities across America, but the life and health of their churches as well.




Good news in rural America


There’s more to the story than poverty and disappointment. Jesus is alive and active in rural America.




West Virginia shows challenges of getting people healthier

West Virginia is basically a rural state. (It’s largest city, Charleston, is less than 50,000 in population.) What’s happening in West Virginia is what’s happening in much of rural America.


The sign says population 2 . . . but that was 15 years ago

  What it’s like to be the only resident in a Pop. 1 town


Disabled, or just desperate?

Rural Americans turn to disability as jobs dry up.


No longer “Mayberry”: a small Ohio city fights an epidemic of self-destruction

On the streets of Chillicothe, Ohio (pop. 21,738): “Shooting heroin is like drinking beer.”


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