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What others are saying . . .


"We want and need to be encouraged in ministry by those who understand
our situations, have experienced
our challenges, and share our joys. RHMA
offers just such encouragement and training for small town and rural church
leaders. The conference serves as a great opportunity to develop regular
relationships with pastoral leaders in similar settings, and to receive
training targeted for the special needs, concerns, and opportunities of
churches that are the backbone of North American Christianity."

Bryan Chapell Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, Illinois;
conference speaker; author, including "Christ-Centered Preaching" and
"Christ-Centered Worship"



"My experience is that there is nothing like RHMA’s Small-Town Pastors’
Conference. It’s rare indeed to have such focus, purpose, fellowship, and

Kent Hughes Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois;
conference speaker; member, RHMA’s Board of Reference;
author, including
"Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome"




"If you're a pastor in a small town or pastor in a small church and feel like no
one really understands what’s going on in your life, this conference
is for you.
The atmosphere is warm and contagious. The teaching is quality!
The people
are authentic and God greatly strengthened my heart when I
was there. I
highly recommend the RHMA conference."

Chip Ingram President and radio teacher, Living on the Edge; Senior
Venture Christian Church, Los Gatos, California;
member, RHMA’s
Board of Reference



"If you’re weary of meetings where you’re a statistic instead of a person and
where they try to minister to people by the acre, then the RHMA
is for you. The speakers come from the trenches, not from
ivory towers, and
the sessions are practical because they deal with what’s
going on today.
You’ll feel right at home, believe me!"

Warren Wiersbe Prolific author; member, RHMA’s Board of Reference;
longtime pastor and conference speaker



A One-Day Seminar in October . . .

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And a little farther down the road . . .


Our 2017 Illinois Conference is scheduled for April 24-26. Speakers include Phil Tuttle, Erwin Lutzer, and Bryan Chapell.



Recent Conferences


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Morton, Illinois

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